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GEO. The Global Equity Organization (GEO) is a member-founded and member-driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of equity compensation worldwide through a global community of well-informed professionals. GEO provides its members – regardless of location, position or affiliation – opportunities to share and learn about the strategic, governance, financial, cultural, legal, tax, communication and administrative issues affecting equity-based employee compensation around the world, from the fundamentals to the latest market intelligence.

AGP. The Federal Association of employee participation - AGP - is the only association in Germany, exclusively setup for partnership management for employees. Basis of its activity, is the belief that partnership and responsibility are two essential prerequisites for good corporate governance and economic success of ultimately equally companies, shareholders and employees benefit.

ESOP. The Employee Share Ownership Centre is a non profit subscription based organisation which draws from over 20 years of experience to inform, lobby and research in the interest of developing all forms of broad-based employee share ownership plans in the UK and Europe.

EFES acts as the umbrella organization of employee owners, companies and all persons, trade unions, experts, researchers, institutions looking to promote employee ownership and participation in Europe. The EFES was recognized by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) as the European Business Representative Organization in the field.

SNPI. Voor ondernemende medewerkers, die zich inzetten voor optimale processen, het slim benutten van middelen om te komen tot optimale diensten en producten voor klanten, is het meedelen in de resultaten van het bedrijf vanzelfsprekend. Door aandeelhouderschap deelt u als werknemer niet alleen in de winst, maar kunt u ook meebeslissen over de langetermijnstrategie van uw bedrijf.

NCEOAs of 2012, we at the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) estimate there are almost 11,000 employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and stock bonus plans covering over 10 million employees. In addition, we estimate that 10 million employees participate in plans that provide stock options or other individual equity to most or all employees.

SAP. The SAP NetWeaver technology platform enables the composition, provisioning, and management of SAP and non-SAP applications across a heterogeneous software environment.

Unequity is a marketing and communication agency specialised in Compensation & Benefits topics. From its home base in Munich, the agency advises and guides companies in creating suitable communication measures for the launch or optimisation of employee participation and management programmes. Our daily business involves developing and executing communication solutions for complex Compensation & Benefits’ topics for customers from a wide-range of industries. Learn more at unequity.com.

SmartMirrors is gespecialiseerd in het leveren van kwalitatief hoogwaardige (kennis) producten en oplossingen op het gebied van risicomanagement, compliance, medicatieveiligheid, privacy en governance.

EBP Solutions. Employees are one of the most important success factors of a company, but start-ups and other fast-growing companies have a lot of trouble getting and keeping talent. Employee Benefit Plan Solutions (EBP) is a platform for private companies to share success with your employees and make working for you more attractive.




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