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Companies of all sizes have one thing in common: they want to attract and retain the very best people.

A key way of achieving this is through the use of equity & cash based incentive plans. Ideal as that sounds, your Finance and HR department will have discovered that such reward plans are hugely complex and place heavy demands on staff time and skills.

Monidee’s tOption-platform has been designed to automate all the time-consuming processes involved with offering equity and cash based incentive schemes making them much more cost-effective. Most importantly, it frees your carefully selected employees to do what they are best at: growing your business.



Benefits of tOption platform solutions


With tOption, you are able to introduce and manage complex incentive plans from enrollment up to execution. By defining plans in a rule-based way, all types of equity and cash plans can be created (including CRDIV, AIFMD, Private Equity type plans).


The authorization module offers you the possibility to organize fully independent roles for e.g. Human Resource, Finance, Treasury, Compliance and Company Secretariat.

Data can be easily uploaded or being exchanged via interfacing with your company systems. Participants can also be authorized to use the self-service functionality. Data will always be stored in a secure way.


The compliance module enables you to evaluate transactions against a customized set of rules matching your company’s policies and standards. With the use of the internal omnibus account, all transactions can be tracked and traced. Historical data can be audited and reproduced in reports at any time.


The fully integrated reporting module gives the possibility to produce, schedule, save on-line and export to Excel on demand. Special reports, like auditing trails, expatriate reports and IFRS are available. 


Reward plan solutions 



Benefits of our employee share & cash plan solutions:



 Introduce complex incentive plans easily


 Manage all plans easily and efficiently


 Reduce time and cost by automating processes


 Fully-automated web-based support


 For Internet or Intranet


 Secure access for all participants 24/7


 Integrated IFRS module (Share Based Payments)


 Supporting multiple currencies and complicated expat tax treatments.



Our solutions are:
Tailor-made: tOption is modular, supports a variety of plans and contains an extensive authorization matrix allowing you to fully customize your workflow.
Cost-saving: significantly reduce your time-consuming administrative, operational and transactional processes through automation
Flexible: tOption is a bank-independent and broker-independent application leaving you free to choose your partners 
Motivating: all our software is built to make life more convenient and to increase work satisfaction for your employees
Secure: participant and back-office data are kept confidential through multi-level security settings
Available 24/7: employees and administrators have online and real-time access world-wide and no local software is installed
Future-proof: our highly skilled team is constantly communicating with our client base of international top companies, so we can develop our products to meet your future needs​
► IFRS Share based payment reporting
Our IFRS Share-based Payment application assists companies, who implemented equity & cash based incentive plans, with modeling and tracking the expenses incurred by these participation plans. The application allows periodical calculation and recalculation of expenses for multiple plans, taking into account various assumptions as well as generating reports.
► Omnibus Account
tOption Financial Controller Module has a fully operational Omnibus Account. Within the Omnibus Account, all positions of different products are administrated within applicable (internal) accounts. The financial controller is able to manage and instruct internal- & external orders. tOption is able to create and read payment and broker instructions/conformations or can be directly connected to payment/broker systems. Reconciliation process can be fully automated. 
► Share Register 
Monidee’s Share Register module is a web-based application that helps you simplify and streamline your company’s regulatory dues. It organizes: 
  • Day-to-day administration of the Share Register, creation of reports and provision of management information, administration and issuing of documents associated to share operations, payment of dividends and interest, shareholder communication and organization of shareholder meetings.
► Customer support, training and consulting services
At Monidee, we believe that customer support, training and consulting services are a critical component of a complete solution. That’s why we strive to provide superior support services that will exceed your expectations. Our support team will be present for your initial implementation, when you need training, when you have a question or special need, and when it’s time to upgrade. We’ll be there when and wherever you need us.
► Additional services offered by our Partners
Since Monidee believes ‘everyone should do, where they are the best in’, we are happy to help you with the additional services needed. Additional services our clients ask for, are mainly in the field of tax & legal advise, accounting services and custodian / brokerage services.