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►    Setup your own Private Market, using our online trading platform


Monidee’s online Exchange Platform is specifically designed to offer you your own Private Market Platform. Whether you run a private company, a foundation, a co-operative or you want to bring investors and investment opportunities together by running your own platform, we provide a flexible and secure platform for internal trading of all different types of listed or non-listed assets. 


My corn for your chicken? It may have seemed a lot simpler then, but the days of bartering are long gone. These days we have increasingly sophisticated systems of trade and it would seem, increasingly complicated administration to go with it.

If your organisation depends on your investors’ ability to trade, you may be spending much of your valuable time keeping up with regulations and paperwork. And even then, you may feel restricted in your trade opportunities. Liquidity and volumes are too low and investors have no ability to retreat from their investment. Monidee’s online Exchange Platform was specifically designed to address these concerns.




Benefits of tOption's platform solutions


With tOption you are able to run your own private market / trading platform. In an easy and efficient way, you can define your market rules and manage different investment types, like certificates, funds, bonds, etc. You can trade in everything with a value.


You are fully in control by selecting, what investment projects you want to list on the platform, as well as which investors you will accept to join your market. By running the internal order book, more liquidity will be generated by offering an investor an exit possibility on forehand.


Transactions are transparent. Matching & clearing are automatically handled. Trading is possible on a basis of open trading windows or real time.


Investor Benefits:


► The availability of sufficient liquidity
► Possibility to buy as well as sell securities
► Using auction format to cash out or trade with other members
► Anonymous transactions in Internal Exchange
► Transactions are auto-calculated net value including fees
► Real-time display of positions available for trading
► Historical data of all traded transactions 





Other Benefits:


► Internal trading from funds to certificates
► Intercompany share trading
► (Pre) IPO trading
► Alternative exchange platform (Startups, Crowd funding)
► Order books & Trading windows
► Reinvestments
► Exit possibilities 
► Omnibus Account
tOption Financial Controller Module has a fully operational Omnibus Account. Within the Omnibus Account, all positions of different products are administrated within applicable (internal) accounts. The financial controller is able to manage and instruct internal- & external orders. tOption is able to create and read payment and broker instructions/conformations or can be directly connected to payment/broker systems. Reconciliation process can be fully automated. 
► Share Register 
Monidee’s Share Register module is a web-based application that helps you simplify and streamline your company’s regulatory dues. It organizes: 
  • Day-to-day administration of the Share Register, creation of reports and provision of management information, administration and issuing of documents associated to share operations, payment of dividends and interest, shareholder communication and organization of shareholder meetings.
► Customer support, training and consulting services
At Monidee, we believe that customer support, training and consulting services are a critical component of a complete solution. That’s why we strive to provide superior support services that will exceed your expectations. Our support team will be present for your initial implementation, when you need training, when you have a question or special need, and when it’s time to upgrade. We’ll be there when and wherever you need us.
► Additional services offered by our Partners
Since Monidee believes ‘everyone should do, where they are the best in’, we are happy to help you with the additional services needed. Additional services our clients ask for, are mainly in the field of tax & legal advise, accounting services and custodian / brokerage services.