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►             Protect your reputation

It is a major concern. Can you keep your company fully compliant with rules and regulations changing so fast? It feels like a race against the clock and you are never quite sure how you will score. To take control and stay on top of your company’s reputation, we have developed and fine-tuned a comprehensive set of software products ideal for larger corporations such as banks and insurance companies.


The Risk & Compliance Solutions software allows you to monitor your compliance with the latest regulations in easy dashboard style. You are immediately alerted to any industry changes allowing you to react quickly to incidents.



Our solution provides elements to monitor 


♦ Administrating compliance groups, beneficiaries, events, funds, private transactions
♦ Closed periods, blacklist, holding periods etc.
♦ Reporting internally and to authorities




Insider Trading


In many countries, it is a legal offence to trade in financial instruments if you have access to non-public information about the company. Our application enables you to evaluate transactions against a customized set of rules matching your company’s policies and standards. Insider Trading can be used as a back-end module, integrated into your company’s brokerage infrastructure. Alternatively it can be installed as a stand-alone module, allowing your employees to use a self-service web interface to get authorization for their orders.


Personal transactions by directors, non-executive directors and other personnel, both in advance and afterwards, can be checked. When permission is requested to carry out a particular transaction, Insider Trading checks the order against a profile supplied by the Compliance Officer. The applicant then receives clearance or rejection of the proposed transaction.





All insiders have to be detected in a Permanent Insider List or in a Temporary Project Insider List. The format of these lists have been standardized by the EU.
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Implementation and monitoring of compliance usually requires the participation of business experts at all levels of your company. Monidee’s Scorecard is a flexible system that allows you to customize a set of compliance controls to match any combination of internal policies, laws, standards and external norms. Our solution is currently being used to help companies assess their compliance in a variety of areas: privacy, data protection, Know your Customer (KYC), information security (ISO 27001) and many others.


Outside Positions


Top executives who hold board positions in external companies cannot risk being in a position of conflict between external obligations and their duty to your company. Outside Positions helps you keep track of your executives and simplify the job of your compliance officer. 







A range of flexible reports for administrators, customers, authorities and employees are available online.
Audit tracking​: 
Full audit tracking, including complete transaction histories and insider profiles.
► Eliminate reputational risk: 
Compliance/ Insider Trading monitoring.
Interfaces with external systems​: 
Standard import and export functionalities for third party trading, compliance and other systems.
Participant and back-office data confidential through multi-level security settings. (e.g. data encryption/back-up and restore).
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 Simplify complex processes
 Save time and cut on costs
 Demonstrate GRC processes to your stakeholders
 Eliminate reputational risks
► Customer support, training and consulting services
At Monidee, we believe that customer support, training and consulting services are a critical component of a complete solution. That’s why we strive to provide superior support services that will exceed your expectations. Our support team will be present for your initial implementation, when you need training, when you have a question or special need, and when it’s time to upgrade. We’ll be there when and wherever you need us.
► Additional services offered by our Partners
Since Monidee believes ‘everyone should do, where they are the best in’, we are happy to help you with the additional services needed. Additional services our clients ask for, are mainly in the field of tax & legal advise, compliance and custodian / brokerage services.