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Monidee’s web based solutions are used by more than 200 companies, by 180.000 participants, in 50 countries and in 14 languages






►  Customers, being interested in:
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All companies who want to attract and retain their people, by introducing and maintaining employee equity- & cash based incentive plans.
Since management of employee reward plans are labor intensive and often a complex matter, the size of the company does not always matter. 
The tOption product from Monidee was designed to automate all the time-consuming processes involved with offering an incentive scheme based on equity as well as cash. By reducing the time spent on maintaining such a system, tOption is highly cost-effective.
At the same time, we offer them a great system to reach out to your participants online and communicate with them on a 24/7 basis in multiple languagues.

Examples of companies managing equity and cash based incentive plans:
  • Listed as well as un-listed companies
  • International and local companies
  • Large and small companies (SME)
  • Initial public offerings (IPO's)
  • Private Equity firms
  • Family offices
  • Cooperatives
  • and other 
►  Customers, being interested in:
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All companies and other initiatives, who are looking to bring investors and investment projects /funds together.
MonIdee provides a flexible and secure platform for (internal) trading of certificates and other listed or non-listed securities. 
In general, our clients are looking for a online trading platform solution, including an (anonimous) orderbook, generating more liquidity and offering exit-possibilities.
We let our clients run their own Private Market.

Examples of companies looking for their own (internal) Private Market Platform:
  • Private companies: offering (internal) trading in their shares/certificates
  • Foundations: offering participations in projects
  • Co-operatives: offering their members an online trading possibility for their certificates 
  • As well as other initiatives, offering a trading platform for their funds (SME-bonds, green energy projects, real estate, etc.) 

►  Customers, being interested in:

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All companies, who need to be fully compliant with rules and regulations. To take control and stay on top of your company’s reputation, we offer our clients a comprehensive set of software products, ideal for larger corporations


Our clients are using our Insider Modules to evaluate transactions against a customized set of rules matching your company’s policies and standards.

Monidee’s Scorecard allows clients to customize a set of compliance controls to match any combination of internal policies, laws, standards and external norms. (privacy, data protection, know your customer (KYC), information security (ISO 27001) and many others).

Other solutions we offer our cients are Outsite Positions, to manage board positions in external companies and an online Gift Register.

Examples of companies who need to be fully compliant with rules and regulations
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Large (international) companies
  • Listed companies
  • Companies licenced by authorities/regulators



 “With MonIdee we have found the perfect partner to expand our range of products for the conception and administration of global employee participation programs”
Romi Schmidt, Vice President Employee Participation at Commerzbank AG.

 “Monidee, as a vendor for tOption, has successfully supported Nordea’s efforts to meet our customer expectations in offering administration of equity incentive plans.”
Nordea Issuer Services



 “Monidee’s tOption is a leading edge technology platform specifically designed to meet the complex accounting, compliance and reporting needs of our global clients. 
Their customer service philosophy is ideal for today’s ever changing equity compensation environment where system flexibility is crucial. 
Monidee has designed an online platform, that continues to progress and support the dynamic needs of Van Lanschot Bankiers and our clients and we highly recommend their professional staff and flexible solutions.”
Van Lanschot Bankiers
Selection of customers 
Since 1999, more than 200 multi-national companies rely on Monidee’s solutions to enableemployees to participate in their company’s reward plans. Our flexible offerings can be administered directly or via partnerships with other providers and will meet the individual needs of both public and privately held companies of any size.

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ABN AMRO serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Netherlands and with selective operations internationally. In the Netherlands, clients are offered a comprehensive and full range of products and services through omni-channel distribution including advanced mobile application and internet banking. ABN AMRO offers in-depth financial expertise and extensive knowledge of numerous industry sectors. Internationally, the Group’s operations are based on specific expertise and established market positions. ABN AMRO also provides stock plan services to companies with a wide variety of stock benefit plans. Monidee’s tOption platform is used to offer clients web-based services.

Description: https://www.monidee.com/dynamic/media/1/images/themaMonIdee/logo_commerzbank_md.pngCommerzbank is a leading bank in Germany and Poland. It is also present worldwide in all markets for its customers as a partner to the business world. With the segments areas Private Customers, Mittelstandsbank, Corporates & Markets and Central & Eastern Europe, it offers its private and corporate clients as well as institutional investors the banking and capital market services they need. With approximately 1,050 branches Commerzbank has one of the densest branch networks among German private banks. In total, Commerzbank boasts more than 16 million private customers, as well as one million business and corporate clients. In 2015, it generated gross revenues of almost 9.8 billion Euro with approximately 51,300 employees.

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Achmea is a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands. We provide our customers with Health, Life and Non-life insurance. We serve about half of all Dutch households. Achmea's brands serve about 10 million customers, are active in 6 countries and have 14,000 employees in the Netherlands we haveand 2,500 elsewhere in the world. Achmea ​has implemented​ MonIdee's​ Scorecard throughout their organization. Scorecard spans ​a large number of Achmea business units and controls compliance with more than 20,000 norms a day.

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Capital Support was founded in 2005 as a corporate spin-off from MeesPierson. Since then the tradition of confidential service in the form of asset coordination and financial logistics which began back in 1899 has been continued on a completely independent basis. They are an autonomous and independent organisation which supports individuals, legal entities (companies and foundations) and family offices with asset coordination, financial logistics and administration. Capital Support co-operates with dedicated advisors to provide a high quality service aimed at a long-term relationship with the client, which is based on mutual trust.

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Nordea Bank is one of the leading Issuer Services companies in the Nordic countries. Our Issuer Services unit in Securities Services offers a full range of services in all of the four Nordic countries. Nordea provides issuer services to Nordic and international issuers and corporate finance houses. With Monidee’s tOption Platform Nordea is providing services as for example the administration and registration of subscriptions and exits in incentive programs of their customers.

Description: https://www.monidee.com/dynamic/media/1/images/themaMonIdee/logo_for_farmers.pngForFarmers is a modern, ambitious, international company that is committed to taking corporate sustainability to the next level. It produces and supplies regular and organic feed and commodities such as arable and grassland products, focusing mainly on the cattle, pig, poultry, arable and contract work sectors. With Monidee’s Internal Exchange platform allows for efficient trading in food equivalents, accounts of cooperative participation from farmers and certificates of shares ForFarmers Group BV. From the start of the Internal Exchange platform it is possible to convert participation accounts in certificates. Unlike the food equivalents accounts and participation certificates are also selling to non-members from cooperative farmers. Non-members can also buy and sell certificates. ​

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Van Lanschot NV (the holding company of F. van Lanschot Bankiers NV) is a financial institution of Dutch origin offering private banking and asset management services. Van Lanschot is the oldest independent bank in the Netherlands with a history dating back to 1737. It is the fifth largest bank in the Netherlands. With Monidee’s Reward Plan Solution ‘tOption’ they manage the Reward Plan Administration for their clients including an Internal Exchange Platform for a great number off different products.

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Randstad provides HR services such as temporary staffing, permanent placement and the recruitment of middle and senior managers. Present in more than 40 countries, they represent more than 90% of the global HR services market. 
In 2009 Randstad chose tOption to support the in-house administration of their reward plans.

Monidee’s web based solutions are used by more than ... 200 companies, by 180.000 participants, in 50 countries and in 14 languages